Review : Blade of Ghosts by Julian Gyll

  • Release date : January 10th 2022
  • Publishing house : Portal Books
  • Series : The Lost Sect
  • Pages : 533

Spoilers ahead

Character :

Jason : Starting off as a Pastfinder (someone unearthing artifacts or weapons from tunnels, caves… and who can use the Sense to see around them), Jason dreams of joining the ranks of the warriors protecting them against the Void which has been attacking them for centuries. Unfortunately, he doesn’t possess enough strength to join them and it seems that no amount of training can help him. Furthermore, since his mother died, he has been hearing whispers which, in his community, are a sign of madness. But, these voices will be in fact the best thing that has happened to him!

As for his family situation, he has one young sister, a father who hasn’t been himself since the death of his wife during a war against the Void. His father was a respected member of the Shadowfront but decided to quit and to focus Pastfinding.

Story :

It tells the story of a community which has been living below the surface as the gods, angered by the acts of those before them (the Therians), casted them there. The Void, creatures controlled by Erebus, has been besieging them every night. Under the iron-fist rule of their rarely seen leader, Echo, this community has been trying to get back on the surface by acting as the gods commanded. The Shadowfront are the warriors using shadows and are divided into several categories: Forgers, Binders and Weavers. The Pastfinders are people who can use the Sense (see in the dark) but who do not possess a core to use anima. They go into caves and so on to unearth ancient weapons to use them to destroy the Void. So, that’s the overall pitch!

I really liked the fact that we discovered a new community and that it is hinted at that we could discover others! It was interesting to know about how their way of harnessing their powers were different but alike at the same time. While this « new » community uses water and ice, Jason’s community uses shadow. We also learn that there are other tribes, each one using a different element and that someone from another tribe could learn to use another element that they’ve been using.

On the whole, I only have two complaints. The first one being the climax with the big fight which left me unsatisfied. The second one being that some parts were a bit long and could have been trimmed down.

For me, Blade of Ghosts was a good start with a nice worldbuilding and magic system! Even if some parts were predictable (such as Echo being in fact their nemesis), others were not and were promising for the other books.

Note : 4 sur 5.

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