The Dragon’s Eye by Erynn Lehtonen

  • Release : June 30th 2020
  • Publishing house : Independant
  • Pages : 212
  • Series : Yokai Calling
  • Price : 8,39€ (Amazon FR)
  • Website : Erynn Lehtonen

In the wake of Lacotl’s capture, Hidekazu and Masanori grapple with their new lives—including the death of their dear friend, their future as students of the Tsukiko Academy, and their newly volatile relationship with Furahau Aihi, the princess of Seiryuu.

Yet no Dragon Princess would forget the betrayal of her own brothers.
Aihi is determined to uncover the extent of Lacotl’s plans—and how it involves the Dragon’s Eye—without Hidekazu and Masanori’s help. But her stubbornness is her undoing, and when tragedy strikes, she has no choice but to rely on them after all.

The secrets of the Dragon’s Eye await where demons dwell…

A place that turns dreams to nightmares.

A place no one leaves unscathed.

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